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Welcome to our site, Cafe Sports. This blog is a partner of Custom Feast Blog. In Custom Feast Blog we are focus in Indonesian Region ( in Bahasa ). Cafe Sports Blog more general in english (language). Cafe Sports Blog tell about automotive information, about car, motorcycle, repair service, and all about automotive news. Our office in Indonesia, located in Jogja City. We focus in automotive information and we open partnership with everybody who wants to be our partner.

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Parntership with Cafe Sports

If you have some information about automotive, you have automotive community or you have a business about automotive, we can write your information in this blog. For community, no fee ( FREE) for make a collaboration. But if you want to promote your business in this blog (review, ads, or guest post for get backlink) let's discuss about the budget.

Contact Cafe Sports

If you want to make a good partnership with us, please contact us on whatsapp number +6285156784826 or you can contact via email to [email protected] You also can find us on many social media below:

  • Facebook: Custom Feast
  • Instagram: @CustomFeast 
  • Twitter: @customfeast
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  • Blog Post Categories

We have some categories in this blog, there are:

  • Review
  • Custom
  • Repair Service
  • Automotive Event
  • General Article
  • Information about price
  • Repaint Service
  • Car Info
  • Motorbike Info
Thank you for all readers in this page. Don't forget to follow our social media and also contact us of you want to make a good partnership with Cafe Sports. Thank you very much

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